Greeting Message – Theresia Bauer MdL

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At the start of the year 2020, our world could sometimes already feel overwhelming with the numerous challenges we were facing. Our minds focused on global changes ranging from our shifting economy and emerging artificial intelligence, or geopolitical developments and rising nationalism, and all this in addition to the ongoing climate crisis. Then the corona pandemic hit.

Yet with all of these issues at the forefront of global discussion today, it is fitting that an event like the BEYOND Festival and Symposium Future Design would have an important role to play. Because when we consider the uncertain future we are facing, we will need contributions and ideas from all fields and all parts of our society to shape the future as we want to see it. That means bringing art and science, politicians and activists, and many others together to discuss, interact and develop new ideas for the diverse issues of today. This is what the BEYOND Festival and Symposium Future Design were made to do.

So with this in mind, I am excited to see what kind of discussions, ideas and new initiatives come out of this year’s festival and symposium. I wish the organizing team and everyone involved the best of success, and I hope that many people take part, whether online or potentially even in person at the ZKM in Karlsruhe. We all look forward to hearing about your designs and ideas for the future.

Theresia Bauer MdL
Minister of Science,
Research and Art Baden-Württemberg

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