“Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind”–Bruce Lee.
Bamboo is a malleable and versatile grass with a long history and rich tradition, exceptional structural and sustainable properties, a unique esthetic and an extraordinary growth rate. Bamboo as a material should be a natural part of the architectural discussions on how to fight man-made climate change and global warming. For such a unique material, why don’t we see more use of it in modern architecture and construction?
Bamboo—the Tradition of the Future is a survey of the uses of bamboo in contemporary architecture. The film shows the opportunities for using bamboo in modern design and also illustrates the challenges the material faces. The film invites us to meet some of the most interesting ‘bamboo whisperers’ of today: architects and designers who have developed unique and thought-provoking solutions using bamboo as a material for the future.

Johan Granberg

Director Biography - Johan Granberg

Barzan Rostami was born in May 1992. He grew up in western Iran in the mountainous region of Kurdistan. Whenhe was a teenager he started to engage in the arts, studied computer engineering and later became familiar with animation, and began to make short films and promotional videos, and later he began to study theater.