As a symbol of the Living Forest – Kawsak Sacha – the Kichwa People of Sarayaku, from an old cedar tree of their land, the Amazon of Ecuador, built a canoe to, in a motion of reconquest and decolonization, bring it to the Conference of the Parties held in Paris in 2015, the COP 21.

Canoe and voice of Sarayaku, they’ve presented front of all the nations of the world a proposal to declare all Indigenous People’s territories, „Living Territories“, free of all kind of extraction, oil drilling, wood cuts and mining. In order to raise consciousness and understanding about the need to preserve life and spirituality of the earth. About the necessity to apprehend the Living Forest like a reality that makes us, a whole alive we’re a part inside of a universe of beings living in harmony and where the Yachaks (Shaman), live with the highest knowledge of the nature and its beings, to inspire us in the way and the fight to sustain our life.