A teenage boy who lives in an oil town in Khuzestan province, discusses with his friend, threatens to burn his house. The boy does not know that the night is a fireworks game. He does not sleep the night, so he will protect his friend’s house, built on gas pipes.

Reza Mouri
Reza Mouri

Director Biography - Reza Mouri

Reza Mouri has been active since 2002 In works such as “Bitter Dance”, “Singing Rain”, “North Waterway”, “Wind Comrades”, “The Skeir”, “Legend of the Mah titi “, “Ilveg”, “Fireworks Wednesday”, “yar Dvazdhom”, has appeared as an actor, director, writer, script rewriter, stage designer.

Director Statement

Chaharshanbeh Suri is one of the oldest and deepest rituals among Iranians. It is always held with special enthusiasm on the last Wednesday of the year. At the ceremony, people jump from the fire. According to Iranians, jumping on the New Year’s fire starts with cleanliness. And they make past mistakes. My movie happens on Wednesday suri. A teenager who symbolizes fire. He intends to make up for his mistake. And start the new year with no mistake.