Aaron, an American hunter, enters the dark heart of the African bush, on a surreal neocolonial expedition, emulating 1000s of years of indigenous rite of passage rituals, as he hunts the ultimate trophy – the king of beasts.

Tomer Almagor

Director Biography - Tomer Almagor, Nadav Harel

TOMER ALMAGOR was born in Israel and has traveled extensively, Tomer’s short film played festivals and won awards. He wrote and directed the critically acclaimed 9 FULL MOONS with Amy Seimetz, Bret Roberts and Donal Logue. He also directed the lion documentary, KING OF BEASTS. Based out of Los Angeles, he is an accomplished screenwriter and the creative director at Urban Tales, where he has been developing a slate of films including his next project, Reciprocal Beat.

NADAV HAREL is an award-winning documentary filmmaker based in Israel. Nadav’s shorts and TV work screened worldwide in high venues such as BBC World, Museum of Natural History NY, Harvard Medical School, Berlin Film Festival, SBS, YLE, CH8, and Museum of Modern Art NY. KING OF BEASTS is his feature documentary debut.

Director Statement

We do have solid opinions regarding trophy hunting, and we hope that our film can be an eye-opener. The truth on the ground in Africa is not black or white, but all shades of gray. This film is not a sensational news piece. We were given ultimate access to film lion hunters, and we observe them in their intimate setting and let them tell their story with their own actions and words.