After a catastrophic full scale natural disaster, FLEUR & OLIVIER are seemingly the only two humans left. To their surprise, surviving this world is way easier than they thought. It’s surviving each other and finding a meaning in this new life that makes tensions rise.

Niels Veenendaal
Niels Veenendaal

Director Biography - Niels Veenendaal

Niels Veenendaal (born April 1st, 1994) is a Dutch director, writer and editor. He tells semi-philosophical and socially critical stories in a lighthearted manner. His works are not necessarily realistic, but they are believable and highly relatable.

Director Statement

This film will always be special to me because we shot it in the small town I grew up in. Apart from that, this film gave me the opportunity to work in nature and cold locations for a week with 20 other people and that helped me a lot with leadership skills, organising a crew that actually works together without any major incidents and keeping a constant pressure on a project. I tried to create an entertaining film which will get you to think about what you would do in the situation of the characters in this empty world. Would you be able to be happy? The story might be a bit vague but this was the closest I could get (right now) to a feeling that I had writing it. I hope this film will evoke some emotion and will get you to think differently about the life you’re living right now.