A sound travels across the forest of Talamanca, triggerring the extraordinary in the ordinary universe of Justo, BriBri farmer, father and adventurer. It is the blow of the here and the now, the quintessence of what surrounds expanding imaginative materialities out of Earth’s liveliness and indigenous worldly epic. A film on the BriBri present in Talamanca, on its restless awakening and its companion wonders.

Davide Marino

Director Biography - Davide Marino

Davide is a visual anthropologist who can’t live without travelling, living stories, and the sound and colours of the sea. He pursues through film a personal enrichment, so as to reveal to himself and others the magic of the real. His cinematography revolves around material attunements, asking the viewer to imagine together the endless possibilities of life and lives

Director Statement

My film Talamanca provides an observative insight into the life of Bribri indigenous people, on the ways in which indigenous lifeworlds are made present across the cordillera of Talamanca, showing therefore what does it mean to conserve the environment as way of living rather than expert practice. Talamanca is a film about being present in the forest, about the sensorially specific ways of dwelling a more than human world. In this regard the film Talamanca expresses the liveliness of an entire cosmos made by multiple vitalities and materialities. This is aimed at cultivating new form of presence and attention to behave more responsibly in the world we inhabit together with other living beings.