Day after day the same amount of bread is disposed of in Vienna as Graz consumes. On about 350,000 hectares, mainly in Latin America, soybeans are cultivated for the Austrian livestock industry, while a quarter of the local population is starving. Every European eats ten kilograms of artificially irrigated greenhouse vegetables from southern Spain every year, where water reserves are therefore becoming scarce.

With WE FEED THE WORLD Erwin Wagenhofer has set out on the trail of our food. It has taken him to France, Spain, Romania, Switzerland, Brazil and back to Austria.

The red thread is an interview with Jean Ziegler, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food.

  • Runtime: 96 minutes
  • Project Title: ...I am Water
  • Project type: Documentary
  • Genres: Society
  • Completion Date: 30. September 2005
  • Country of Origin: Austria
  • Country of Filming: Austria, France, Brazil, Romania, Spain, India, Switzerland, France
  • Language: German, English, French, Spanish
  • Aspect Ratio: 1 : 1,85
  • Film Color: Color
Erwin Wagenhofer

Director Biography - Erwin Wagenhofer

Erwin Wagenhofer, filmmaker, lives and works in Vienna and Sardinia. Lecturer at various colleges / universities (University of Applied Arts Vienna, Danube University Krems, HSG St. Gallen).

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2005 We Feed the World

Director Statement

WE FEED THE WORLD is a film about food and globalisation, fishermen and farmers, long-distance lorry drivers and corporate leaders, flows of goods and money – a film about shortages in abundance. In impressive images, it provides an insight into the production of our food and provides initial answers to the question of what hunger in the world has to do with us.

In addition to fishermen, farmers, agronomists, biologists, and Jean Ziegler, the film also features the Production Director of the world’s largest seed producer Pioneer and Peter Brabeck, CEO of Nestlé International, the world’s largest food company.