I have been visiting the Laguna in Bacalar, Mexico for seven years. The lagoon is not only a beautiful lake, it is a huge source of knowledge about life on our planet. Laguna Bacalar is a freshwater lake that is home to giant stromatolites – the oldest life forms known on Earth. Stromatolites are rock formations created by living cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) secreting thin layers of calcium carbonate precipitated from the waters of the lagoon. (The oldest stromatolites discovered so far on earth date back to 3.7 billion years ago).
I remember well the moment when I saw the lagoon seven years ago. I had the impression that the surface of the lagoon was a huge mirror, reflecting light. Laguna Bacalar became my own paradise that I come back to every winter. Since then, this place has changed a lot. Bacalar has begun to „develop.” Plans for this development, however, did not take into account the protection of the lagoon – an attractive place for people and an extremely rare and complex ecosystem.
I implemented the lagoon project with the help of lagoon lovers. However, during its implementation I incurred huge costs myself. I set up a website, www.lagunabacalar.net, organized an exhibition of artistic works, with the participation of scientists from the USA and Mexico, I shot a 25-minute documentary. This film is a report on the study of stromatolites and the lagoon ecosystem. My goal was and is to popularize knowledge about life in the lagoon and the nature of this place.

Kamila Chomicz
Kamila Chomicz

Director Biography - Kamila Chomicz

KAMILA CHOMICZ – born in 1980 – Gdańsk, Poland

Education: MSc: Biology at the University of Gdańsk 1999-2004

Diploma: Film director at Academy of Film and Television, Warsaw

2004-2006 and Photography course at Photography Studies, Gdańsk 2002-2004

Cooperation with cultural institutions:

RIVER CITIES PLATFORM (Europe), BALTIC CULTURAL CENTER (Poland), EUROPEAN SOLIDARITY CENTER (Poland), FOUNDATION MI-RO-RO (Poland), Institute of urban culture (Poland), aqua clara (Mexico)

Director Statement

My name is Kamila Chomicz, I’m 39 years old and I’m from Poland. I take photos, videos, organize meetings, events and educational workshops. I am a biologist by education, I also graduated from the Film and Television Academy in Warsaw and attended photography course.

In my work, I try to combine all acquired skills and knowledge to create projects and activities that I think are important. Topics that I deal with are protection of the natural environment and biodiversity, sustainable development, women’s rights and various activities related to the development of creativity and integration of local communities.

I am trying to actively build a world where there is room for mutual understanding and respect for the surrounding environment.